Brief History of WCUW, Worcester, MA

November, 1920
Goddard raised $800 from Worcester business men to organize a Radio Club for Clark students interested in ham and amateur radio. The equipment to construct the transmitter and receiver were acquired, assembled and operated by Clark students under the direction of Goddard. The club made the first regular broadcasts given in Worcester. What began as a student radio club would eventually evolve into one of New England's pioneer radio stations, WCUW, in Worcester.
Feb. 13, 1921
Station WCUW received and broadcast returns in the Presidential election of Harding over Cox.
October, 1922
First radio Glee Club concert in New England. Heard by amateur radio operators in Worcester, Shrewsbury, Millbury, Westboro and Brookfield. Radio Club is activity of Physics Department at Clark.
Winter, 1922-23
Broadcast on regular schedule, presenting U.S. Weather forecasts, daily; Worcester Market Crop reports; U. S. Department of Agriculture "Agriograms" and the Massachusetts Department of Agriculture Weekly Crop reports. Lectures of general and agricultural interest presented occasionally.
Spring, 1926
License issued to WCN. Daily programs at hourly intervals broadcast in the afternoon, except Sunday. Programs mostly music by player piano and Victor records. Cards received from New England, Canada, and as far away as Houston, Texas with words of appreciation for radio programming.
Request for reissuance of radio license for Clark University. The station now had a two kilowatt generator, Western Electric microphone and two 50 foot towers on the roof of the Science Building. License issued for WCN, Worcester, MA.