Goddard's Becker Connection

In 1898 Robert Goddard had been obliged to leave high school temporarily because of ill health. As his poor health continued and doctors extended his absence from school, Goddard made inquiries at Becker Business School. He hoped to fill his time by studying part time and perhaps improving his handwriting and spelling. He recorded in his diary that he had acquired "a fine Spencerian script" at Becker, a skill he sorely needed since his mind raced so quickly he was unable to write legibly.

Becker's Business School gave Goddard the opportunity to test his strength before entering the old South High School (located on Richard Street in Worcester- presently the Goddard School of Science and Technology) as a full time student. Unfortunately, his penmanship soon deteriorated. After he married, Esther, his wife, found herself deciphering his diary and notes so that they were legible. His diary, and Esther's typewritten copy, can be seen at the Goddard Library of Clark University.