News From Space

Vol. 2, No. 1 - Winter 2004

NASAS's recently-launched Spirit rover landed successfully on Mars and started transmitting signals to the cheers of NASA scientists and technicians. The incredibly intricate project is designed to study geologic formations, the make-up of soil and rocks, and what appear to be ancient lake sites, leading to the speculation that water once existed on the planet. If water did exist, scientists speculate that a wet world might have sustained life. We all watched with fascination as Spirit sent back photographs of the Martian landscape. Further wonders will be revealed when Spirit leaves its landing position. As it starts to travel across the Martian surface, it will measure the temperature and infrared radiation (heat) emitted by soil and rocks.

A second Mars Exploration Rover named Opportunity landed successfully on the other side of Mars on January 24 and has also begun its mission of exploration.

Space exploration has come a long way since Goddard dreamed of "reaching high altitudes", but I can't help but believe that his early scientific theories and discoveries were the foundation and building blocks for the modern wonders of space travel.

Check out NASA's website and follow the links to view the spectacular photos that these little technological "giants" have sent.