"Shooting For The Stars" Hits Its Target

Vol. 1, No. 4 - Fall 2001

Well-known business and community leaders came together on May 9 at London Billiards to support the Goddard Association's fund-raiser "Shooting for the Stars". Thanks to their generosity and that of area sponsors, the Association raised $12,000, bringing us closer to building a permanent memorial in Worcester to honor the city's native son, Dr. Robert H. Goddard, Father of the Space age.

A host of "celebrity" players, including Tom Hoover, Phil Niddrie, Martha Akstin, Diane Williamson, Alan fletcher, Julie Jacobson, Sandra Kurtinitis, Mark Love and Todd Wetzell squared off, and with steady hands and steely glances dueled with their opponents, making this an evening of good-natured competition and fun.

The major sponsors of the Association fund-raiser included Mass Electric Company, International Ceramic Engineering Company, Rotman's, Norton Company and Madison Wire and Cable Company. The GA thanks Ignatius Chang who donated the use of London Billiards, and to area businesses who donated refreshments and prizes. Thanks to all who made this a memorable event.